Wonder Robotics Expands Globally with New US Operations

Wonder Robotics Expands Globally with New US Operations
Wonder Robotics establishes New York operations center with the support of the leading accelerator in its field, GENIUS NY.
Wonder Robotics, an Israeli company that specializes in intelligent autonomous solutions for drones and eVTOL, is expanding into the American market by launching a new operations center in Syracuse, New York. This expansion is part of the company’s broader strategy to become a leading player in the world’s largest and most significant market for smart services using drones.

The new branch will be established with an investment of $500,000, which was awarded to Wonder Robotics as part of their participation in GENIUS NY’s prestigious accelerator for drones and robotics. GENIUS NY is the world’s largest accelerator for uncrewed systems, and regional development program in New York. After competing against more than 200 other companies in the field, Wonder Robotics was selected to participate in the program, facilitating their smooth entry into this market and providing them with valuable connections to companies and entities at the forefront of the latest technological developments in the field.

Wonder Robotics’ debut product, WonderLand, is very much the MobileyeTM of commercial drones. This smart solution is designed to connect seamlessly with any type of commercial grade drone. WonderLand solutionprovides advanced features that ensure safe flight in low-altitude mission in urban areas and enable autonomous landing and vertical awareness without advanced mapping or human supervision (observer or pilot in the loop). By reducing the risk of accidents involving people, buildings, powerlines and vegetation, WonderLand’s solution for drone autonomy helps lower the operating costs and optimize the process for more scalable implementation, making drone services, such as drone deliveries, more economically feasible.

​The Syracuse area is a hub for technological development, infrastructure, and regulation related to drones. It is home to NUAIR, who manages operations of the FAA-designated New York UAS Test Site at Griffiss International Airport, and is responsible for the advancement of New York’s 50-mile UAS Corridor between Rome and Syracuse, NY. NUAIR is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to integrating unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems into the US national airspace to facilitate safe and widespread commercial drone operations. The organization provides dedicated experts and physical infrastructure for operational validation, testing, and eventual adoption of the technology by the FAA. 

Syracuse, New York was a strategic choice for Wonder Robotics’ American operation center, given the Wonder Robotics’ international business status and designated markets in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. The East Coast region is a key location for connecting with industry groups and facilitating the company’s operations across these regions. By establishing a presence in the United States, Wonder Robotics will be able to work closely with its current partners, reach new customers, and engage with relevant regulatory authorities.

“Our American center is situated in one of the largest UAS centers in the US, providing a thriving ecosystem that strongly supports companies operating in this field. This location enables us to better serve our American customers and work as active partners in the application and implementation of our product in their services,” said Idan Shimon, CEO and co-founder of the company. “The center will coordinate the customer service, training, and maintenance and support, alongside demonstrations of the WonderLand system and its marketing to new customers. The company’s first product will help make drone services more autonomous and safer. This product will also significantly increase efficiency by reducing the number of people involved in operating a drone service which will pave the way for expansion to hundreds of thousands of drones in the urban landscape.”

Scheduled to open in March 2023, Wonder Robotics’ new operations center in the USA will play a crucial role in serving the company’s strategic American customers, including Spright (the drone division) of Air Methods, North America’s largest medical logistics service provider. As a pioneer in short- and medium-distance drone deliveries, Spright plans to operate hundreds of drones by 2024. Additionally, Wonder Robotics is in a process to secure another strategic customer: undisclosed drone company of a large US retail chain, which plans to incorporate Wonder Robotics’ autonomy technology into its existing drone delivery service at a dozen sites across the US. With the ability to serve millions of customers in the next two years, this partnership is set to be a major boost for the company’s growth. The opening of the new center, which follows Wonder Robotics’ recent success in winning the GENIUS NY accelerator competition and increasing American sales, will continue the company’s positive momentum.

According to Kara Jones, Director of GENIUS NY, “The cutting-edge innovation offered by Wonder Robotics positions it at the forefront of unmanned systems’ development and the heart of the drone revolution in Central New York, which is a global leader in this field. We selected Wonder Robotics as an investment through our business development arm due to its potential to make a significant contribution to the American market and create numerous business opportunities.”

According to Shimon, “The drone services market is projected to reach $63.6 billion by 2025, but I believe this figure could be even higher. As drones become increasingly integrated into daily life, their economic impact will only continue to grow. Our goal at Wonder Robotics is to remain a leading provider of innovative vision-based autonomy solutions that enable safe, reliable, and highly efficient drone services.”

About Wonder Robotics
Wonder Robotics was founded with the goal of optimizing the commercial viability of drones through the use of cutting-edge autonomy technology, resulting in safer and more dependable operations. The company’s flagship product, WonderLand, facilitates safe low-altitude flight and autonomous landing at any uncharted and unsupervised location for drones and electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles. Based in Israel with offices in the USA, the company boasts a team of world-renowned experts in the fields of drones, robotics, navigation, and 3D visual applications, with extensive experience serving both commercial and military markets.

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Published On: February 27, 2023